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  • Barista Jobs
    The ‘CUT OFF’ Chat - Do's AND Dont's
    That awkward moment when… you have to cut off a drunk idiot at the bar. Sometimes cutting someone off is not easy to do and we bartenders don’t enjoy doing it either. If you don’t feel comfortable telling a patron they’re cut off, ask your manager to do it. If you are the manager...
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  • wine lined up for bar trial
    How To Smash A Bar Trial!
    So, you think you can hospo?   You wanna get behind the bar and smash out vodka sodas and espresso martinis? The bar scene in Melbourne is in full swing. There are so many great venues to work in, with amazing people and bangin’ drinks.   To get a job behind...
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  • man being interviewed
    Good Job Interview Questions
    Looking for good job interview questions? Why not try one of these 9 little beauties that help dig a little deeper.    #1 What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?   We reckon having a sense of humor is a must-have for any hospo guru. Stay...
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  • person taking a job interview
    Job Interview Questions For Employers
    50 OF OUR BEST JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR EMPLOYERS TO SAVE YOUR TIME AND SANITY If you are the head-honcho responsible for sourcing new talent for your business, chances are you spend a lot of time and energy organising and conducting the all-important ‘job interview’. As we...
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