Bar Jobs

To get a bar job, most pubs and nightclubs require you to have experience in bar work before they will consider you for a job at their venue. This can sometimes be difficult to get if you've never worked in a bar before but don’t give up. There are stacks of places out there that will give you the opportunity to learn then it can springboard your bustling bar career.

Bar jobs can be stressful. You need to be cool headed, responsible and very logical. Whilst bar jobs aren’t overly difficult, they can certainly be overwhelming. You have a bunch of people staring at you, screaming over loud music, all wanting to get served first.

We think that the pro’s well and truly outweigh the cons of working in a bar. Whether it be a local pub or RSL, a hidden laneway gem with fancy interior or bustling restaurant…. It’s so much fun, there is great music to dance to, awesome atmosphere, you get to meet new people, make people happy by making their drinks and if you’re wearing your FitBit, you’re guaranteed to smash your 10,000 steps.

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Good luck on your search for that perfect bar job!!