Bartender Jobs

Bartenders are the ultimate givers, and unless you have worked behind a bar yourself, it is hard to understand that being a bartender is more than being a professional alcohol pourer. You are an excellent multi-tasker, therapist, craftsman, creative and the list goes on. Bartenders make it look way easier than it actually is. They work a minimum of around 2-12 hour shifts and often go without a break. There are many hours of prep and clean-up, no to mention the hours spent adhering to the demands of people who have no concept of a bartender's actual hours.

However, we think the pros well and truly outweigh the cons. It is a great way to network and transition into other work, there is something so prestige about making a fancy drink for a customer, flexible work hours with the ability to pick up more if you need, the appreciation you acquire from the knowledge of top shelf spirits and wines.

As well as being a people-oriented industry and job, bartending is super creative. As a bartender, you are creating a product. Not only with drinks but also an experience.

Best thing about bartending skills is that every country in the world has a bar, pub, nightclub industry, and the skills you learn are readily transferable, meaning that a career in bartending can very easily be the key to adventures, discovering new countries, new culture, new people and new friends.

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Good luck on your search for that perfect bartender job!!

HH Team.