Cafe Jobs

Coffee and café culture has been around for years and in Australia, it is huge. As Aussie’s, we love our café’s and we have some of the best in the world. The food, the coffee, the people, the vibes… Why wouldn’t you want a café job?

Melbourne in particular has become increasingly famous all over the world for it’s food and café culture scene. Melbourne’s streets are alive and eclectic with endless café’s, bars and restaurants.

Working in a café gives you an awesome opportunity to meet lots of interesting people in and around the community. When customers turn into regulars and you start to remember their orders, know where they like to sit and you get to know them. They pretty much turn into your mates.

Cafés are all about people so having a café job means you must possess very strong people skills. The skills you will learn from working in a café are transferrable to huge variety of jobs if career growth is in your vision. These skills include; active listening, co-ordination, social perceptiveness, strategic and logical thinking, creative thinking, impeccable time management and the list goes on.

Whether it be your dream job or a springboard to a successful career, a café job is a great place to start.

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Good luck on your search for that perfect café job!!