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Good Job Interview Questions

Looking for good job interview questions? Why not try one of these 9 little beauties that help dig a little deeper. 


#1 What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?


We reckon having a sense of humor is a must-have for any hospo guru. Staying positive and having a laugh in the face of a massive balls-up during a busy shift can be a sanity-savior. Get a feel for what they find funny and suss out if they could be a good fit for your team. They reveal a slightly embarrassing story about themselves? Brilliant! It shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously and can stay positive in an awkward situation. Understanding what they find funny can ensure you end up working shifts with someone who will actually laugh at your dad-esque jokes.



#2 Describe the business like it’s a person.


This is a goody for understanding how they see your business; it’s personality, vibe and culture. Get them to tell you if your business would be a male or female, what they would look like, what they would wear, their likes and dislikes, and what type of music they’d listen to. If they don’t know enough about your business to give an opinion, then they may not be that keen on the gig. We admit this can be a bit of a brain buster at first, but it’s all about seeing who is willing to give it a go! Even if they are a little off the mark, describing your business as the reincarnation of Donald Trump (ok, WAY OFF), they are willing to jump in and give it a burl which is a great attitude to have.



#3 If you won $1 million, what would you do with?


Let’s be frank. In this day and age it would be pretty hard to live out your days comfortably with this amount. So, if someone says “I’d retire”, you can assume that they have an unrealistic view of the costs of living, or maybe they are just really damn good at money management? If that’s the case, you put them straight to work on your finances!  Seriously though, you can get an indication of what is important to them in life. Buy a house? They are a forward-thinker when it comes to making decisions. Travel? They are open to new experiences and love a challenge. Just cross all your bits in the hope that they don’t win Powerball and then boot-off overseas… leaving you a man down.



#4 What is something you HATE doing?


Nobody loves everything. Everyone has something that really grinds their gears. This question will help you weed out the complainers and those that don’t REALLY understand the scope of the job. “I hate doing dishes” is probably a red flag for someone that is applying for the kitchen-hand position.



#5 Do you have friends from past workplaces?


Hospitality is the friendliest industry going around (in our opinion)!  You have to be able to communicate and build rapport with a stack of different characters. A true hospo guru will usually have at least one work BFF from a previous job. The fact that they can build good friendships at work and maintain those once they leave can suggest they are sweet as to work AND hang-out with.



#6 Are you a morning rooster or a night-time owl?


Knowing if someone is an AM ass-kicker or a PM performer can help you decide if they are right for the job. A self-confessed morning foe could find it a challenge to rock up on time and be chirpy for your breakfast crowd. If your barista peaks in the PM, everyone’s morning coffees may not be bang on until mid-afternoon. Disaster. However, there does exist a very rare breed of people that are firing at all hours of the day. Find them and never let them go.



#7 You’ve got a free day to yourself. What do you do?


A person is more than their job. Use this opportunity to find out something about their personality and what they like to get up to outside of work. If someone responds quickly with a hobby, you know they have the capacity to be passionate and focused. If they spend a lot of time sweeping the corners of their brain for a response, it could mean they don’t really have much going on, or that they spend a lot of their down time sleeping off the night before.



#8 What’s your ‘ jam’?


How awesome were the 90s?! Some great and equally appalling music came out of this era. Getting an indication of a possible co-workers musical taste never hurt nobody. If they choose a tune not up to standard, this presents a primo opportunity for some friendly banter, in turn seeing if they can hold a very random conversation… because  at one time we have all been stranded talking to THAT customer. Bless them. Another point to consider; would you be happy setting up for service while they blast Nickelback from the speakers? We didn’t think so.



#9 What’s the biggest stuff up you have ever made?


The thing about humans is that we all make mistakes. The people who can own up to their mistakes and learn from them make special and valuable additions to your crew. If they are not willing to admit they once made a blunder it could be a sign that they are also not prepared to take responsibility for stuff (or stuff ups) they do. If they confess a massive doozy? You could give them kudos for telling it straight up and just hope really hard that they learnt from it. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

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