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Job Interview Questions For Employers


If you are the head-honcho responsible for sourcing new talent for your business, chances are you spend a lot of time and energy organising and conducting the all-important ‘job interview’. As well as getting sick of hearing your own voice (hey, we have no doubt that you sound smooth as), you may also be a bit over asking the same old questions…

We thought we’d whack together 50 of our best interview questions to help you mix it up. Remember that for some questions it’s all about how they handle it and arrive at their answer rather than the actual answer itself.

Happy job interviewing!




  1. What was one thing you loved and one thing you disliked about your last gig?


  1. If you got the job and we said we wanted to start training you up to be a future manager, what would you say?


  1. What do you think about the philosophy that ‘the customer is always right’?


  1. You have a free day to yourself. What do you get up to?


  1. What is your favourite restaurant to dine at and why?


  1. How would you make someone feel comfortable in our restaurant?


  1. A Zebra trots through that door wearing a giant bow tie. What does he say and why is he here?


  1. Would you describe yourself as messy, neat or freakishly clean?


  1. You have a customer that is unhappy about their meal. What would you do to make sure that the customer left feeling as happy as Larry? (also, who is Larry?!)


  1. What is the thing that matters most you to about your job?




  1. What do you think is the most important quality/skill that a chef should have (other than being able to cook!)?


  1. You get a ridiculous complaint about a meal you prepared from a customer. How do you handle it?


  1. You’re alone in the kitchen and a table of 30 walk in – how the hell do you make this work?


  1. You are making breakfast for 20 people. What ingredients and how much of each would you need?


  1. What’s the biggest stuff up you have ever made?


  1. You go-to meal to make at home?


  1. How do you feel about customers making ‘special requests’ to alter items on the menu?


  1. It’s busy and a wait staff keeps stuffing up their orders. How would you feel and how would you deal with it?


  1. What’s a pet hate of yours when you are eating out?


  1. How do you like your eggs?




  1. Do you have any experience making bangin’ brews?


  1. How many times is too many times to show someone how to do something?


  1. Making coffees all day can get a bit monotonous. How would you keep your focus and cool?


  1. Would you be willing to jump in and take on some extra tasks and if yes what would you be willing to take on?


  1. Are you a morning rooster or a night-time owl?


  1. What’s the difference between someone that makes coffee and a barista?


  1. Describe your ‘signature touch’ when it comes to delivering a great customer service experience?


  1. Are you here to make money or make friends?


  1. What’s a Melbourne ‘Magic’ and how do you make it?


  1. For or against latte art?




  1. What’s the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?


  1. How did you fill downtime at your last job?


  1. What is something you take pride in?


  1. If you were hiring staff for the business, what qualities/skills would you want them to have?


  1. What part of this job do you think you’d be kick-ass at, and what part of this job do you think you wouldn’t be the best at?


  1. Do you have friends from past workplaces?


  1. A work colleague needs help finishing a task but your manager said you can knock off early. You can either leave while the other person finishes late, or offer to stay back and help which means you both finish on time. What do you do?


  1. Describe why you left your last gig in one sentence.


  1. In a circus, are you the ring leader, lion tamer, lion or spectator?  Why?


  1. You need to seat customers, wipe a table, take an order and deliver food to a table for the kitchen. Which do you do first?




  1. You are leading a team you have never met. How do you approach it?


  1. What was a suggestion that you made that was implemented at a previous job?


  1. Describe our business like it’s a person.


  1. How many times is too many times to show someone how to do something?


  1. How do you reinforce behaviour you want repeated? (no bribes allowed)


  1. What do you think makes a hospitality business successful?


  1. What do you think hospo staff admire and look up to in a manager?


  1. What do you think is important to our regular customers that keeps them coming back?


  1. What’s your management style?


50. Why do you work in hospitality?

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